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Learn More Global Meds Inc. provides comprehensive, high quality services
while putting our patients first. Additionally, we offer a full life cycle
range of care and accept patients of all ages.
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Global Meds Inc.
About Global Meds Inc.

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Global Meds Inc.

An extraordinary health benefit offered by the world’s leading companies.

Expert Medical Opinion has helped people in more than 125+ countries around the world

We work with organizations who care about their people and want to help as many as possible when they face difficult medical decisions.

We build stronger relationships with doctors. You build stronger relationships with your people.

Created for enterprise organizations, Global Meds Inc. is simple to implement, offers customized programs to fit your care management needs, and is available to consult on policy, resources, and individual cases.

What we do works, and has been proven in enterprise organizations worldwide.

Onsite Diagnostics

Each of our three locations offers in-house labs, x-rays, and orthopedic services to provide a full range of immediate, on-site care for our patients.


Despite the low risk for most of our patients, we are now offering some visits to be done from the comfort of your home. Call your provider to schedule a Video Visit today!

Specialty Care

We are excited to provide specialty care for many conditions in various fields, including cardiology, diabetes, gastroenterology, neurology, orthopedics, and podiatry.

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Expertise on Demand
Global Meds Inc.

About us
Global Meds Inc. is the global leader in Expert Medical Opinions. The best information at the most important time

23+ Years

Experience the industry

Briar Ford

CEO & Founder


Opening Time

Monday – Friday 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 – 8:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 – 9:00 pm

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We Provide
Medical Services

Everything at Global Meds Inc. exists for one reason:
to reduce the confusion and suffering that comes with being a patient.
A Physician Case Manager is an advocate and advisor for each participant,
ensuring their care reflects the best thinking in medicine.

Our Services

Expert Medical Opinion

For anyone in a medical crisis, what matters is time with the doctor. Our Physician Case Managers offer patients unlimited ...


Expert Behavioral Care

40% of people suffering from chronic diseases also struggle with behavioral health problems. Too often, these go undiagnosed and untreated, leading ...


Global Care On Demand

Global Meds Inc. is the first global program for primary care. Service is delivered over the phone, through a secure ...


What Our
Patients Says

An excellent resource to received a second opinion.

Advance Medical Plan Participant : Excellent

I am very happy that my employer offers this service which makes a difference in an adverse situation like cancer.

Advance Medical Plan Participant : Happy

I am writing this letter to thank everyone at your wonderful hospital for the exellent care that was given to me. Now i am ok, i feel comfortable width my healthy

Moric Horgon

Our heartfelt thanks to you for the support to make this happen in such a short time.

Julia Ann

Dr. Ortiz was fantastic…very helpful and caring.

Jack leo

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